Featured Story 8 July 2022

Inspire Surgery Comes to Ivinson

Ivinson Otolaryngologist Paul Johnson, MD is now offering a new procedure in sleep apnea innovation.

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Have you heard about the new sleep apnea procedure now available at Ivinson? 

Inspire is a sleep apnea procedure where a small device is inserted to reduce sleep apnea events. This outpatient procedure is now performed at Ivinson by Otolaryngologist Paul Johnson, MD.

Inspire is the only FDA approved obstructive sleep apnea treatment that works inside your body to treat the root cause of sleep apnea.

How does Inspire work?

Inspire works inside the body with the natural breathing process to treat obstructive sleep apnea. While asleep, Inspire delivers mild stimulation to key airway muscles, allowing the airway to remain open. The Inspire system is controlled by a small handheld sleep remote. Patients with the Inspire implant turn Inspire on before bed and off in the morning when they wake up.

Who is a good candidate for Inspire? 

Inspire therapy is for people who meet the following requirements:

  • Diagnosed with moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea (AHI 15 – 65)
  • Cannot use or get consistent benefit from CPAP
  • Not significantly obese
  • 18 years of age or older

Is Inspire covered by insurance? 

Inspire is reimbursed by most major insurance providers, either as a covered policy or approved on an individual basis. Your doctor and the insurance team at Inspire will work with you for approval.

Medicare is reimbursing the cost of Inspire therapy based on medical necessity across the United States.

Inspire therapy is on the Federal Supply Schedule, making it available for veterans at select VA and military hospitals across the United States.

How much will I have to pay out of pocket?

Every insurance plan is different. Typically, you can expect to pay the cost of any unmet deductible for the year, along with any required copay or coinsurance fee for a surgery.

Do I need to get approval from my insurance company before my first visit?

No, you do not need approval from your insurance company before your first visit.

Is Inspire DOT approved?

Like CPAP, an Inspire doctor can print out a usage record of Inspire to show the

medical examiner that you are using your prescribed sleep apnea treatment. By proving compliance, there should be no issues renewing your commercial driver’s license.

Will Inspire help with snoring?

A significant decrease in snoring has been found as a secondary effect of Inspire. 90% of bed partners report no or soft snoring by their partner.

What does the stimulation feel like?

Inspire sends mild stimulation to the motor nerve that controls your tongue, moving it out of the way. The stimulation is very gentle and designed to move

the tongue forward without disturbing your sleep. It should not be painful or uncomfortable.

How long will the battery in Inspire last?

The battery in Inspire is designed to last for approximately 11 years. Once it is running low, it is replaced during a simple outpatient procedure.

How long is the recovery time after surgery?

Recovery time after surgery will vary. You can expect some pain and swelling at the small incision sites for a few days after the procedure. Most patients return home the same day and take over-the- counter pain medication if needed.

You can resume normal, non-strenuous activities within a few days or as directed by your doctor. Most patients have a full recovery within a couple of weeks.

Am I still a candidate for Inspire if I have a pacemaker or other implanted device?

A doctor will need to test your current device with Inspire to determine if the two interact. If they do not interact, you may be a candidate.

Will the Inspire system limit my activities?

Inspire should not limit normal daily activities once you are fully healed. You should ask your Inspire trained doctor about any activities that are particularly strenuous, like weight lifting, or those that entail a large or unpredictable range of motion in your upper body and/​or arms, such as working as a firefighter.

How often should my doctor check the Inspire system?

Generally, the Inspire system should be checked 1 to 2 times a year.

What types of medical imaging are compatible with Inspire system?

All Inspire patients can undergo most imaging technologies across the entire body including CT, ultrasound, and

X‑ray scans. Depending on the model of your Inspire system, you may be able to undergo MRI on the head, neck and extremities, provided certain conditions and precautions are followed. If you are a current Inspire patient, please visit the For Inspire Patients” section of the

website to learn if your device allows MRI Conditional scans.

To schedule a consult with Dr. Johnson to discuss if you are eligible for Inspire, call or text us at 3077554540.