Hospital Updates Written By Pamela Wickkiser

Paint Laramie Pink

This October, clinical staff will begin wearing pink gloves in an effort to raise awareness surrounding breast cancer and early screenings.

1 2018 Pink Gloves

Things will soon look a little rosier than usual at Ivin­son Memo­r­ial Hospi­tal. Begin­ning Octo­ber 1, staff members will trade in their regu­lar latex gloves for pink ones — a show of soli­dar­ity in the fight against breast cancer, the second-lead­ing cause of cancer death among Amer­i­can women.

During Octo­ber, the pink gloves will be a simple reminder that early detec­tion really is the best protec­tion. We now under­stand that if caught early, breast cancer is entirely treat­able, which is why breast cancer screen­ings are so important.

The mammo­gram, an x-ray of the breast, can detect breast cancer up to two years before a tumor can be felt. Mammo­grams are the key to a solid, early clin­i­cal diag­no­sis. In recent years, mammo­grams have gone from analog, black-and-white films to digi­tal, allow­ing doctors to enlarge images and rotate them to look at abnor­mal­i­ties more closely.

1 2018 Pink Gloves

Ivin­son has installed the Sele­nia Dimen­sions 6000. This system is fast, low dose and clin­i­cally supe­rior. The 2D and 3D image slices are reviewed together to make clin­i­cal deci­sions or diag­noses part of the screen­ing exam. There is even a paddle system that conforms to the natural contours of the breast, provid­ing greater comfort to the patient and a more even compres­sion across the entire breast. We are thrilled with this new tech­nol­ogy and the advan­tages it is giving our patients.

In look­ing at the statis­tics, a vast major­ity of women don’t rate their mammo­gram expe­ri­ence as bad. They feel it is incon­ve­nient but not uncom­fort­able or embar­rass­ing. In the United States, breast cancer is second only to lung cancer as the lead­ing cause of cancer deaths among women.

The conse­quences of miss­ing out on screen­ings may mean a later diag­no­sis, which could also lower chances of survival. Digi­tal mammog­ra­phy is a simple yet effec­tive tool in the early detec­tion of breast cancer.

Choose to act during Breast Cancer Aware­ness Month or, even better, choose to act in your birth­day month. This is the most impor­tant gift you can give your­self. It truly is a reason to celebrate.

For more infor­ma­tion on Ivin­son Memo­r­ial Hospi­tal digi­tal mammog­ra­phy system or to sched­ule a mammo­gram, please call the IMH Radi­ol­ogy Depart­ment at (307) 7554640.