breast cancer awareness month

Octo­ber is Breast Can­cer Aware­ness Month — an annu­al cam­paign ded­i­cat­ed to high­light­ing the impor­tance of breast can­cer detec­tion, edu­ca­tion and research with the ulti­mate goal of find­ing a per­ma­nent cure. Togeth­er, we can work to beat breast can­cer in our com­mu­ni­ty by spread­ing aware­ness and tak­ing time to con­sid­er the ben­e­fits of get­ting screened. By shar­ing knowl­edge and insight with one anoth­er, any­one and every­one can help us to Paint Laramie Pink this October.

what is breast cancer?

Breast can­cer is cre­at­ed when cells in the breast grow out of con­trol, form­ing a tumor that can be felt as a lump or seen on an x‑ray. Breast can­cers can start from dif­fer­ent areas in the breast — most begin in the ducts that car­ry milk to the nip­ple or form in the glands that cre­ate breast milk.


  • 1 in 8 women will devel­op breast can­cer in their lifetime.*
  • With ear­ly detec­tion, the five-year sur­vival rate is near­ly 100%.*
  • 85% of women diag­nosed with breast can­cer have no fam­i­ly his­to­ry of it.**

first steps for screening

Detect­ing breast can­cer as ear­ly as pos­si­ble leads to bet­ter care and more options. Many who are diag­nosed with breast can­cer do not exhib­it symp­toms of breast can­cer — this is why screen­ings are so impor­tant. Com­mon screen­ing tests include clin­i­cal breast exams and mam­mo­grams. For those at a high­er risk of breast can­cer, breast MRI may be used.

out­side resources

Find addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion on Breast Can­cer and Breast Can­cer Aware­ness Month by fol­low­ing the links below.

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