Accolades 20 April 2022

Springing Into Action

Celebrating our team reaching their goals, big and small.

What makes Ivinson a Top 100 Rural and Community Hospital? 

Our people. Every single one of our team members at Ivinson contribute to the world-class care given at Ivinson.

Our accomplishments are only made possible by the work done by our team. That is why when our team is making moves, big or small, we celebrate with them. 

Ericka wright spotlight social 1

Really Proud of You, RN

Hard work paid off for these newly certified RN’s as they passed their NCLEX. All registered nurses are required to pass the NCLEX certification exam before they are able to receive their license as a registered nurse.

Erica has been an Ivinson employee since 2016 and has learned several areas of Ivinson in that time. Starting as a CNA on the medical floor, she has also worked as a patient care technician in the women’s health clinic, the internal medicine clinic, worked in the emergency room while in nursing school and has now began circulating to the OR while also working in the ER as an RN. 

Jaycie 1

Jaycie, while new to the Ivinson team, has been enjoying her time in the primary care clinic and is one third of the care triad with provider Robyn Curtis-Rice.

We also celebrate our team members, Sami Mizokami in the family care unit and Devon Turner in the OR that both passed their NCLEX.

Lauri 2

Leading the Way

Lauri Lynch, RN, is a nurse in Ivinson’s Emergency Room and has been a member of the Ivinson team for the last two years. Recently, Lauri earned her master’s degree in nursing leadership and management from Western Governors University. 

Tatianna smith spotlight social 2

Passed in Flying Colors

In Ivinson’s Dialysis department, patient care technician, Tatiana Smith recently passed her certified clinical hemodialysis technician (CCHT) exam. CCHT is a requirement of technicians working with dialysis patients that is obtained through The Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission (NNCC). To earn this certification, technicians must work at least 3,000 hours as a dialysis technician and have completed at least thirty hours of continuing education. Certification must be renewed every three years.

Wwami 2022 spotlight social 3

Next Stop? Med School Please

At Ivinson, our patient care technicians work alongside our care providers and nursing staff to care for patients in several areas throughout the hospital. For many, the care tech position is one of their first steps into healthcare. 

Patient Care Technicians, Caleb Hoopes, McKenzie Stampfil, Andrew White and Brayden Feusner are all taking the next steps this spring as they were all accepted to medical school.

Caleb and McKenzie are currently working in Ivinson Medical Group with the primary care and geriatric teams. Andrew and Brayden are with our inpatient team, working with Behavioral Health Services at Ivinson. All will join the E‑2022 WWAMI cohort this fall. 



When the DAISY Award came to Ivinson, JD Frazier sat on the founding committee to recognize exceptional nurses at Ivinson. Last month, our team celebrated JD as one of those exceptional and compassionate nurses and Ivinson’s latest DAISY honoree.

JD has been a nurse on Ivinson’s inpatient med/​surg unit since 2014. In his nomination he was recognized for providing high quality, compassionate care, going the extra mile and treating each patient with the individualized care and respect they deserve.

Thank you JD for the care you provide our patients at Ivinson!

Wyoming Grants Helping Wyoming Patients

Thanks to grant funding, patients at Ivinson are receiving support before, during and after a cancer diagnosis.

Surviving and Thriving After Cancer (STAC) received funding from Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative (WBCI) that will help Ivinson’s Outpatient Rehabilitation team continue to make a difference in the lives of patients during and after their cancer care. STAC is a wellness and support group that was created to empower cancer patients and sur​vivors​.In addition to group exercise, STAC offers social support and contact, as well as education on cancer prevention, side-effect management and habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

In the Meredith and Jeannie Ray Cancer Center, WBCI funding has paved the way for Ivinson’s Nurse Navigator Program as well as benefiting Jeannie’s Boutique, one of the first breast boutiques in the state of Wyoming. 

Stac 1
Nurse nav social 3

This year, funds will help patients access early breast cancer screenings and overcome barriers. WBCI, the Wyoming Cancer Program and the Meredith and Jeannie Ray Cancer Center have partnered to host an after-hours open house, promoting women in the community to schedule their mammograms. Throughout the summer, Ivinson’s Breast Imaging Center will offer after-hours mammogram appointments to remove the barrier of scheduling during business hours can often create.

Additionally, the American Cancer Society has awarded grant funding to ease the burden of transportation and travel costs incurred by patients seeking cancer treatment. For cancer patients, transportation challenges can create a barrier to receiving the treatment they need. Many people need daily or weekly treatment, often over the course of several months.

Thanks to these grant funding programs, patients at Ivinson are able to receive the life saving treatments they need with the peace of mind that they will be supported to do so.