Employee Spotlight

Rachel Williams, RN

Rachel Williams joined the Ivinson Memorial Hospital team just after finishing nursing school in 2015. She started in our Family Care Unit and after a brief stint away from Ivinson, she joined the Dialysis team in March of 2017.

Williams Spotlight 2018

When speak­ing about why she loves the atmos­phere and people at Ivin­son she said, Every depart­ment works together with the same vision of provid­ing the best possi­ble care we can.”

After living in many differ­ent places across the coun­try, Rachel and her family moved to Laramie in 2010. Rachel loves the Laramie commu­nity and all that it has to offer her family. When Rachel isn’t spend­ing time with her family or work­ing in Dial­y­sis, she is creat­ing crafts for a small busi­ness she started with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law called, FAE’s Family Creations. Rachel is happi­est when she is with her family, serv­ing others, or work­ing with her colleagues in Dialysis.

When asked about a time that she felt proud of the work she does, Rachel quickly responded, Every day that I am here.” She says she has never been part of a team quite like the Dial­y­sis team. The patient is the center of every­thing we do,” she said. The Dial­y­sis team collab­o­rates to care for their patients, while find­ing joy in each other and the work that they do. 

We are grate­ful to have Rachel on the Dial­y­sis and Ivin­son team provid­ing excep­tional care to our patients!