Williams Spotlight 2018
Employee Spotlight

Rachel Williams, RN

Rachel Williams joined the Ivinson Memorial Hospital team just after finishing nursing school in 2015. She started in our Family Care Unit and after a brief stint away from Ivinson, she joined the Dialysis team in March of 2017.

When speak­ing about why she loves the atmos­phere and peo­ple at Ivin­son she said, Every depart­ment works togeth­er with the same vision of pro­vid­ing the best pos­si­ble care we can.”

After liv­ing in many dif­fer­ent places across the coun­try, Rachel and her fam­i­ly moved to Laramie in 2010. Rachel loves the Laramie com­mu­ni­ty and all that it has to offer her fam­i­ly. When Rachel isn’t spend­ing time with her fam­i­ly or work­ing in Dial­y­sis, she is cre­at­ing crafts for a small busi­ness she start­ed with her moth­er-in-law and sis­ter-in-law called, FAE’s Fam­i­ly Cre­ations. Rachel is hap­pi­est when she is with her fam­i­ly, serv­ing oth­ers, or work­ing with her col­leagues in Dialysis.

When asked about a time that she felt proud of the work she does, Rachel quick­ly respond­ed, Every day that I am here.” She says she has nev­er been part of a team quite like the Dial­y­sis team. The patient is the cen­ter of every­thing we do,” she said. The Dial­y­sis team col­lab­o­rates to care for their patients, while find­ing joy in each oth­er and the work that they do. 

We are grate­ful to have Rachel on the Dial­y­sis and Ivin­son team pro­vid­ing excep­tion­al care to our patients!

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