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Featured Story 29 October 2021

Breast Imaging Center Receives Upgrades

Written by Breann May

Recent technology upgrades to change the way we deliver care and create better patient outcomes.

In 2018, Wyoming ranked among the last in the nation for up-to-date mammograms. The American Cancer Society predicts that in 2021, 440 women in Wyoming will receive a new breast cancer diagnosis.

At Ivinson, we prioritize your health by offering state of the art facilities and cutting edge equipment. Recent technology upgrades in our Breast Imaging Center are able to change the way we deliver care and create better patient outcomes.

Mammograms are the gold standard for detecting breast cancer,” Oncology Nurse Navigator Laurie Heath said. Early detection is so important. Most breast cancers are curable if they are detected early.”

When Ivinson upgraded to the Hologic 2D/3D mammography machine in 2017, they did so with early detection in mind. The advanced technology gives radiologists the tools to help identify breast cancer sooner, while providing a more comfortable and efficient patient experience.

People should not be afraid of mammograms,” Laurie said. The mammography equipment that we have here at Ivinson is top of the line. We do a 3D mammogram and the team is excellent in the Breast Imaging Center. You should get your mammogram because early detection saves lives.”

In addition to comprehensive mammography imaging, the Breast Imaging Center recently upgraded their Stereotactic Biopsy Suite to feature increased imaging and biopsy accuracy. The Stereotactic core biopsy is a less invasive alternative to a surgical biopsy that may be ordered in case an abnormality is detected during a mammogram. This procedure allows healthcare providers to evaluate calcium deposits and other small masses that are not visible on an ultrasound.

Both the Hologic 2D/3D mammography machine and the Stereotactic Biopsy Suite are improving the way we screen and detect breast cancer,” said Imaging Manager George Semenov. We now have 3D capabilities with our stereotactic biopsy suite which allows us to provide precise and accurate targeting, even for the most difficult to access lesions. These new technologies, combined with our Breast MRI and Diagnostic breast ultrasound imaging, ultimately helps to provide the best possible outcome for our patients.”

Team members working in the Breast Imaging Center also train in positioning techniques allowing for better images and increased comfort for patients.

Ivinson has top notch equipment and our team is highly trained in what they do,” George explained. Our team in the Breast Imaging Center receives specialized training in breast imaging, providing the same care that is provided in standalone facilities that focus only on breasts.” 

What can we do to improve breast cancer statistics in Wyoming? Ask a healthcare professional at Ivinson and they will tell you, the best thing to do is to stay up-to-date on your yearly mammogram and encourage others to do the same.

Scheduling your mammogram during your birthday month is a great idea,” Laurie said. It’s a great reminder, it’s a present for yourself.”