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Provider Spotlight

Dr. Daiva Olipra

After serving Ivinson Memorial Hospital for four years as an on-call pediatric hospitalist, Dr. Daiva Olipra officially joined our healthcare team in May 2018. She provides care for patients in the Pediatric and Family Care Clinic at Ivinson Medical Group while continuing to work on-call in the Family Care Unit as a pediatric hospitalist.

Dai­va has always had an inter­est in pedi­atrics, and she offers com­pas­sion­ate care for com­mon and com­plex health issues for Ivinson’s lit­tlest patients. To her, Excep­tion­al Care means tak­ing very good care of our kids.”

As a pedi­a­tri­cian, Dr. Olipra pro­vides indi­vid­u­al­ized well-child vis­its and lifestyle, nutri­tion, exer­cise and stress assess­ment and man­age­ment. Addi­tion­al­ly, she is a Euro­pean-trained Child Neu­rol­o­gist, spe­cial­iz­ing in ADD/ADHD, con­cus­sion, headache and oth­er con­cerns of the mind and brain.

Orig­i­nal­ly from Lithua­nia, Dr. Olipra found her home in Laramie after search­ing for a great job in a great place with great people.” 

Dai­va is cur­rent­ly com­plet­ing an Inte­gra­tive Med­ical Stud­ies Fel­low­ship from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Ari­zona and is expect­ed to com­plete her stud­ies ear­ly next year. 

When prac­tic­ing inte­gra­tive med­i­cine for her pedi­atric patients, Dr. Olipra part­ners with patients and par­ents in the heal­ing process. She will dis­cuss all aspects that influ­ence the health of her patients in addi­tion to address­ing imme­di­ate issues and using con­ven­tion­al heal­ing methods. 

The mind, spir­it and even the com­mu­ni­ty play their parts in help­ing the patient’s innate heal­ing response. Real­ly effec­tive and long-term alter­na­tives might include eat­ing bet­ter or fig­ur­ing out ways to reduce life’s stress­es,” explains Daiva.

Dai­va embod­ies the spir­it of Ivin­son, ensur­ing the health and well-being of all chil­dren she sees. Pedi­atric patients and their fam­i­lies are so lucky to have Dr. Olipra serv­ing the Laramie community! 

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